Quick American Locksmith in Silicon Valley, CA

How do you find a good American Locksmith in Silicon Valley, CA? Here are some tips on how you can make sure you are calling a trusted locksmith and not a bogus one.

Find a locksmith before you need one

It is always a good thing to be prepared. Before you scramble around for one when the front door lock breaks, you can find the right locksmith beforehand. You can always contact Sonic locksmith anytime you need someone to help you out with your car, home, or office locks and keys.

Research well

Make a list of all the possible locksmiths near you. Make sure that your list includes only those companies who can offer their services 24/7. This way, you are sure to get the help you need when you need it the most. You may also call them or visit them at their office to check on the different services they offer. Having a locksmith you can trust is the goal.

Check for qualifications

Last but probably the most important, ask around or see reviews about their services from previous clients. Sonic locksmith actually has countless positive reviews. Here are some reviews of what people say about our company having had experience with our excellent services.

★★★★★ | 8/4/2017

I needed a spare key for my used 2012 Prius (only came with one when we purchased it). The dealer had quoted me nearly 500 dollars to provide a spare key and a valet key - considering this is worth nearly 7% of the vehicle I wasn't willing to pay that much for a simple procedure. In short, the price didn't seem like a fair trade.

Unlike the dealership, I called Eli and he was able to provide same day service - he was able to source the correct key, sync the microchip, provide full functionality to the FOB and he even threw in 2 valet keys! He is exactly the type of business you want to support - thorough, friendly, fair and quick. If you have any locksmith needs - he will make sure to find a way to make it happen.

Aaron H.

Merced, United States

★★★★★ | 4/26/2017

Awesome service Eli was fast came out before the time promised and made me 2 keys of my 1999 Ford F-150

My ignition was replaced by the original owner so he had to make me 2 keys with a transponder chip

Great costumer service and best price in town look no further

Julio E.

San Jose, United States

★★★★★ | 3/9/2017

Really honest and super professional !!! did everything that he promised ! no hidden fees, straightforward !

I definitely found my Locksmith for life !!!

Thank you so much ! It's hard to find trustful people those days !

Koby A.

Santa Clara, United States

★★★★★ | 8/7/2017

I called sonic today when I locked my keys in my work van. They were fast and efficient. Very professional. I will use sonic if the need ever arises again.

Thank you for you professional services.

David A.

Concord, United States

★★★★★ | 8/8/2017

Sonic locksmith is the go to person. His price are reasonable and beats other Locksmith's we have called. Very responsive and was willing to help right away. He was easy to approach and answered any questions I may have during the whole lock replacement process. Definitely recommend him for any Locksmith jobs.

Evelyn C.

San Jose, United States

★★★★★ | 7/6/2017

Great service! My employees lost our truck keys on the job site. New ignition key made while I waited, only took about 20 minutes and two new keys made! Fast and friendly service, high recommend.

Anthony B.

Fremont, United States

★★★★★ | 5/16/2017

I called 12 places for master key of my Lexus. Eli gave me the half price. He first cut two of his own keys before he cut the master key to make sure nothing would go bad on master key. He turned my valet key into master key and gave me extra door key without any charge. After I left, my car lost power on freeway. He came to help, explained that his service did not cause it and started the car. You can only expect one of your close friends to come and help you on the freeway at 5pm in San Jose. He will be my locksmith guy forever. HIS PROFESSIONALISM IS RARELY SEEN.

Cenap Y.

San Mateo, United States

★★★★★ | 5/18/2017

Thanks Eli! I had 2 Nissan Sentra keys I needed cut & programmed and Eli had the best price of all the quotes I got. He was pleasant, offering me water on a hot day. I highly recommend Sonic locksmith. I appreciate how flexible he was. He worked around my schedule and he has a customer for life. Watch out for some of the other locksmiths who are crooks.

Rick B.

San Jose, United States

★★★★★ | 5/2/2017

Was doing some shoping at the westgate mall Locked my keys in my toyota trunk while dropping my bags in there, called Sonic locksmith Eli picked up the phone. skip! skip! skip! 7 minutes later. and he already got trunk open! Amazing work done by this dude, made it look super easy, I simply can't imagine any one who can Top this, thx Eli that was awesome!!

Ynon D.

San Jose, United States

★★★★★ | 4/17/2017

So glad Eli was available to help me with my lock out! Very knowledgeable, professional, and responded quickly, also had good pricing. Had ready multiple solutions. I readily recommend this locksmith

Alice C.

Cambridge, United States

★★★★★ | 3/15/2017

Eli was great! I was looking to make 10 Do Not Duplicate copies of a house key and he quickly made time for me!! I was amazed at how quickly he worked while doing quality work! I highly recommend going to him for any key needs!

Rosemary S.

Saratoga, United States

★★★★★ | 3/25/2017

Lost my keys to my 2011 ford fusion, did some shopping around to get an estimate for my car key replacement, Eli was the fastest to reply to my message, and the price he quoted was very reasonable, when he arrived he was very friendly knowledgeable and explained me what he was doing throughout the key programming procedure and also about deleting the old keys off the ecu. Losing your car keys ain't the most pleasant experience, but I must say Eli saved my day and made my experience a lot better! he is highly recommended!

Donald D.

Saratoga, United States

★★★★★ | 2/21/2017

My wife locked keys inside the car by mistake and there was a kid inside the car in the safety chair. We were unable to find a spear key fast enough and the kid started to cry - we looked up on yelp and called this company - Eli was very responsive and came right away in the matter of 5 minutes. It took another 5 minutes to open the car - very professional and to exceeded our expectations. Thanks Eli for helping us on such a short notice.

Ok O.

Cupertino, United States

★★★★★ | 4/4/2017

Sonic locksmith was great!

Hooked me up with a key to my Ford F-150,

Was at my place super fast

Good customer service

Also needed a key for my 92 Honda Civic and Eli hooked me up. Best price in town hands down.

Daniel P.

San Jose, United States

★★★★★ | 4/6/2017

I needed to make a remote chip key for my car after I lost a copy of the key.

Eli was very responsive and did the job for me in half an hour.

The price was also very competitive compare to hundred of bucks charged by the dealer.

I highly recommend Eli!

Fred Y.

San Jose, United States

★★★★★ | 3/7/2017

Eli was a life saver he came and set me up with a new set of keys for my Toyota van. It took him less than 30 minutes highly recomend him.

Juan S.

San Jose, United States

★★★★★ | 1/26/2017

I needed to re key a lock and Eli helped me out. He showed up at the time of meeting which is very important to me. He is very respectful and excellent service. I would definitely call him again for all my key needs.

Jefferson W.

San Francisco, United States

★★★★★ | 3/11/2017

Eli is dependable, trustworthy, and personable. What more could you want from a locksmith?! I drove over to Eli's house this morning to make a spare car key, since I lost mine almost a year ago during a crazy day at bay to breakers (fml). I called multiple places but no one could beat Eli's prices, so I decided to head over to him, and I am so glad that I did. This is actually my first time dealing with a locksmith, so I was worried about the dumbest things (what if he makes a separate copy and keeps it? What if he installs tracking on my key? Etc etc). However, as soon as I spoke with Eli, I knew I was in good hands. He first made sure that he had the board that I needed. Then he got to work programming the key. After that, he helped me make a copy of the physical key. He was so helpful and even though my key was a nonstandard size, he had the proper equipment to make a copy. At the end of the appointment, we had a minor misunderstanding, but Eli was a true professional and worked with me to clear it up. I truly appreciate his communication and integrity. I highly recommend him for any of your Locksmith needs!

Step H.

San Jose, United States

★★★★★ | 12/11/2016

Eli showed up in ten minutes on a Sunday evening and got my keys out of the trunk in about five minutes. I hesitated to call him because he didn't have as many yelp reviews as the top ranked locksmiths in the Saratoga area, but I'm glad I did because he beat their prices by half. It was trickier to get the trunk open than just getting the door, but he was creative and really efficient. He put everything back into place cleanly when he finished. Very smooth.

Andrew S.

Saratoga, United States

★★★★★ | 10/21/2016

Such great help!!! Stressful day at the end of the day lost my car keys he came out in less than 15 min. And made me a key to my car in no time. Great prices as well!! Very satisfied. Thank you :)

Martha V.

San Jose, United States

★★★★★ | 5/3/2017

Fabulous work! Speedy communication, turned up on time, knew exactly what he was doing. Very reasonable prices. I very happily recommend him.

Alison M.

Campbell, United States

★★★★★ | 1/24/2017

Eli is so helpful and the his machine is a beast. I got my key cut in no time and the price is reasonable. I would definitely come back again if I buy another flip key. From eBay.

Eric W.

San Jose, United States

★★★★★ | 4/17/2017

Great service. Quick to respond. Thanks Eli!

Windy A.

San Jose, United States

★★★★★ | 2/21/2017

Eli is great. My wife was out shopping and took off her coat for a few minutes to try something on. While she wasn't looking, someone stole her coat with her car keys and phone in the pocket! Unfortunately, we only had the one key for the car she was driving. The good news is Eli was there in the shopping center parking lot within 10 minutes, got the car unlocked, and cut us two new keys. He didn't have a compatible keyless remote, but he ordered one for me and when it came in he drove to my house and setup it for me. His prices seem quite reasonable for the quick, professional service. He was also quite easy to communicate with and kept me informed of everything he was doing. Highly recommended.

Kevin P.

Almaden Valley, San Jose, United States

★★★★★ | 10/25/2016

Super convenient and great customer service. Eli was very professional and helpful. I got two keys made for my 2005 Honda Civic for a very good price. Highly recommended

Shawn F.

San Jose, United States

★★★★★ | 3/16/2017

Eli is just an overall good dude. He helped me as soon as I got there at night and took care of my needs quickly.I highly recommend him if your in need of a locksmith who knows what he is doing and provides a good value. Plus he's open till midnight. What more can you want.

Brent V.

San Jose, United States

★★★★★ | 3/21/2017

Eli came within the 30 minutes estimated by himself and did the job quickly as well as professional. Thanks so much again for helping me out today with making me a new key for my 1999 Toyota Camry Sonic Locksmith

Flip G.

Orange, United States

★★★★★ | 2/13/2017

We wanted to install keyless door lock. I called several locksmiths from CL. While searching for the best quote, I called Sonic. Eli answered the phone. He asked me to send pictures of our lock. After receiving the pictures, he called us immediately and gave us a flat price. He was willing to work with our budgets. He came out right away and removed the old lock and replaced it with new keyless door lock. He was prompt and friendly. We are happy with his job. After finishing our job, I asked him an another question that was not related to the job. He was patient and thorougly answered my question. He even showed me how. I highly recommend Eli.


San Jose, United States

★★★★★ | 2/7/2017

Eli is professional and skilled in this work. He knows problems well and has quick solutions, also his rate is fair. I contacted him on yelp and he responded within half an hour, it was 8pm and he was willing to help in the dark evenings. It really saved my life. I'd recommend him to you if you want someone responsible and trustful.

Jessie J.

Emeryville, United States

★★★★★ | 2/6/2017

I just had my first experience with this company, and Eli was the gentlemen who came out to make me a new car key, as I had lost mine and did not have a spare. This company was extremely time efficient and also more experienced and educated on the situation than every other company I had called today. The employee was very professional and polite. This is not my first time dealing with this, but in the future I will certainly reach out to them before anyone else and I would recommend them to anyone close to me in the same situation. Very honest and trustworthy company. Several other companies that I inquired with them today quoted me a much higher price and also gave me a much longer time estimate if I was a man of his word got here earlier than he had estimated he would and completed the job even quicker than he had anticipated he would. He also answered every question I had involving things about saturation like this in the future and involving the actual procedure he was doing for me. Don't bother calling any other company this is the one for you.

Karissa O.

San Jose, United States