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Welcome to Sonic locksmith Silicon Valley and San Jose, CA!

We offer a wide range of locksmith solutions and services to the San Jose and Silicon Valley area.

Our priority is to achieve Excellence in customer service. And We strive for each of our clients to be a happy and satisfied customer.

We are very competitive with our pricing.


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Sonic locksmith offers a wide range of locksmith solutions in Silicon Valley and San Jose CA area. We prioritize achieving excellence in customer service and satisfaction. We strive to make each and every client happy with every service we provide. We are also proud to say that we have very competitive pricing!

Locksmithing has been around for decades for the purpose of safety and security. The first known record traces back before Christ in Egypt where they made use of wooden bolts. Historians and archeologists have found evidence of locking mechanisms from 2500 BC during the rule of Egyptian ruler Khafre for protection of ancient tombs.

Locksmiths, throughout human history, are also honored and respected in their profession. In fact, Albert Einstein publicly remarked that he would have become a locksmith had he known that he would come to regret his contribution in the creation of the atomic bomb (in the context of WWII Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing). Also, the great Harry Houdini was and is going to be remembered for his ability to pick any lock which he acquired from his apprenticeship in a locksmith store.

Today, locksmiths are still in great demand. Sonic locksmith provides very accessible locksmith services for Automotive, Residential, and Commercial. But what are the advantages of hiring an experienced and professional key locksmith in Silicon Valley and San Jose, CA?


One word but it means a whole lot more. Safety is what every human being wants, and locksmiths can provide this for us in our homes and business areas. A good locksmith will keep your money and valuables protected from invasions and break-ins.

Saves Time and Money

When asking friends and neighbors, they might suggest you hire a less expensive locksmith to save money. While it is true about the saving part, you cannot however risk your family’s safety at any time. There is always a big difference when you hire a reputable locksmith to service your home, automobile, or commercial space. Even if these experts may cost more, you cannot put a price on feeling protected and your family’s peace of mind. Hiring professional locksmiths will not only do a great job but they can do the work in record time, being experts at what they do.

Install and Repair

Another good thing about locksmiths is that they are capable of installing and repairing all kind of lock systems. When they install new locks for you, they can come back to repair it once it’s damaged. They can also give you tips on how to maximize your security system.

Sonic locksmith has a team of highly professional and experienced locksmiths, handling various brands of high-security locks. We also have a 24-Hour Emergency Service!

Our Services

  • Car Lockouts/Battery Jump Start
  • Lock Picking
  • Commercial & Residential Lockouts
  • Lock Rekey
  • Lock Change
  • Lock Repair
  • Panic Bar Installation
  • Mail Box
  • Master Key Systems
  • High Security Locks
  • Transponder Key Program
  • Ignition Rekey - Repair - Replace
  • Vehicle Remote Programming
  • Vehicle Smart Proximity Keys
  • Garage Remote Programming


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“Great service! My employees lost our truck keys on the job site. New ignition key made while I waited, only took about 20 minutes and two new keys made! Fast and friendly service, high recommend.”